Watt Define is amazing place to train with great coaches, great music and great people. They really help you to set your goals, the only boot camp I know that will push you out your comfort zone, but once you’re out of that comfort zone you will be amazed at what you can do!

Claire Wilson

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Had my first ever Define taster session today! Was kinda nervous, I’m not very fit but was keen to try. It was real good fun! Totally hard work but much more enjoyable than I expected! I was worried about feeling a little intimidated by uber-fit folk (which they all were!) BUT real friendly & encouraging & motivating & human!! Thank you to everyone for helping me along & making me welcome. I’ll definitely be back for more x

Alison Griffiths


I only attended Watt Define as moral support with my wife…… and was pushed well past my comfort zone. Great coaching and cool surroundings so for this reason, I’ll be back again!!
Chris King

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Loved it! Attended my first taster session today and found it hard, but absolutely love that I left the session knowing I’ve worked my butt off. Great team of coaches and fab venue – if you really want to see a difference, then I would definitely recommend Watt Define!

Charlotte Adeline


Watt Spin has got to be one the best spin classes I have been too. The bikes are comfy and easy to adjust to individual requirements. The instructor Si is enthusiastic and motivating ensuring you get a good work out.
Kirsty Hyde


Watt Spin is the best spinning class I have ever done. Great all round workout… well done!
Craig Lawton

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Love the Watt Spin class last night, great work out with weights to fantastic music. Can’t wait for Watt Define!

Jo Dickens

Great place! Watt Cycle is hard work but can see the results quick! Great professional coaches at hand to give great advice!

Louise Tibbett


Watt Cycle is a great place for indoor pedalling. Excellent coaches and bikes!
Scott Morton

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Pushed to the limit in Watt Cycle tonight by the coach. Thanks for the continued motivation!

Beverley Hills


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Watt Cycle is a great friendly environment with quality coached sessions. Beats using a turbo trainer in the garage.
Paul McGough


Fab Place, Atmosphere and Coaches. Deffo recommend Watt Cycle!!!

Sam Griffiths